Vegetable Christmas

Starting in June, Thursday is my favorite day of the week.  All summer long it feels like Vegetable Christmas in my kitchen because I get to pick up my CSA Share.  This is my second summer as a member of  the Kitchen Table CSA  that I pick up in Papo’s Community Garden on 119th St between 2nd and 3rd Ave.  Located approximately 60 miles outside of New York City, Gonzalez Farms in Pine Island, NY grows all of the (non-certified) organic produce that Keith and I eat throughout summer.  Not only do I love our CSA because it provides Spanish Harlem residents convenient access to extremely fresh and organically grown vegetables in an area of Manhattan that severely lacks grocery stores with quality fresh produce, I also get sent home with some produce that I wouldn’t normally pick up on my own.  Last week we got a bunch of purslane and beets (check out yesterday’s post to see what I did with the beets), and this week’s Share is sure to be just as tasty.  Yay for locally and organically grown produce in Spanish Harlem!

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