Washington DC Weekend

Crispy Brussel Afelia (a Zaytinya Masterpiece)

Apricot Sorbet, Greek Yogurt, Apricot Jam, Pistachios (Zaytinya Dessert)

The Capitol at Night

This past weekend Keith and I took an extra day off and headed down to Washington DC with his little brother, Warren. We went to visit my brother, a formally trained Sous Chef that has worked at Zaytinya for two years, and previously worked at Union League Cafe and Blue Hill in his short but impressive career as a chef.  This being the second summer that we have headed down to DC, we are making a yearly tradition out of our trek down Interstate 95 to the city with “Northern Charm and Southern Efficency.” We ate at a few good/great restaurants (Vermilion and 2Amys) but nothing tops having my bro select our menu at Zaytinya and send out plate after plate of Mediterranean Mezze Masterpieces. We hit up the Smithsonian American Art Museum for the Art of Video Games Exhibit, and then wandered around the rest of the Museum and stumbled upon Niam June Paik’s Continental Superhighway:Continental US, Alaska, and Hawaii (1995-96), one of the most interesting ideas on regional cultural perception of the 50 states that I have seen in a while.  We also rented bikes and rode from the Capitol, to the Washington Monument, past the (under construction) Reflecting Pool, and finally to the Lincoln Memorial.

NiamJune Paik’s Continental Superhighway: Continental US, Alaska, and Hawaii (1995-96)

Stewed Hot House Tomatoes (Vermilion Brunch)

My Boys

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