Gifts From Papo’s Garden

Now that long hours of sunshine and the warm nights of summer are officially passed, I’m a little nostalgic for them.  Though I love how the seasons change, it’s always a bit of a tough transition the first few days I need to pull my trench out of the closet and wrap my neck in a light scarf before I leave for work.  Our CSA is going strong, but the tomatoes have been replaced with potatoes, the zucchini with sturdy red peppers, and the spring onions with sweet crunchy apples.  Every week we pick our produce up at Papo’s Garden, on the South side of East 119th St between 2nd and 3rd Ave.  Proof that Manhattan is not strictly a concrete jungle, behind the Garden gates Pee-Wee (Papo’s Garden Farmer and our CSA Savior), grows a bounty of vegetables and some fruits that he gives away to families and elderly community members that need it.  Totally unaware of how relevant and vital his endeavor in local and organic growing is to our community, Pee-Wee remains dedicated to the garden every day of the spring, summer, and fall.  He doesn’t use pesticides, hormones, or sprays– just dirt, seeds, rain, sunshine, a little compost, and his hands–to grow all of these amazing vegetables.  Though I took these photos around a month ago, he still has some green tomatoes (fried green tomato post coming soon!), basil, collards, and peppers.

Wondering if you have Garden Fairy Godfather in on your block?  If you live in Harlem I’m sure there is a Community Garden closer than you think.  Click here to find one closest to you.  You might even be able to join and grown a plot of your own next year!

Papo’s Garden Path

Tiny Green Tomatoes

Basil Plants

Collard Greens

Tiny Perfect Blackberry from the Plant that grows along the fence

Unripened & Ripened Blackberries

A few of the Peaches that were spared the nibbles of greedy neighborhood squirrels

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  1. Tammy says:

    Great photos! I really like the berries.

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