Harlem Food Local Featured on Cheap Eats!

On Thursday, October 4th, my very first Cheap Eats Blog Post went up!  What is Cheap Eats Inc, you ask?  Started by an awesome lady with a restaurant obsession that rivals the good people at Zagat, Cheap Eats was founded by Rosemarie Gambetta with the goal of getting you fed and giving you happiness, all for $25 and under.  A native New Yorker and self proclaimed fierce lover of food, Rosemarie was always her friend’s go-to source for all thing food in the City.  Unwilling to give up one of her favorite treats when NYC was hit with the economic crisis back in 2008, she dreamed up Cheap Eats as a way of satisfying every Foodie’s obsession to get a great meal on a budget.  Cheap Eats is your online destination for budget friendly dinner, brunch, or special food event recommendations where you can see photos, reviews, and tips about all things food, conveniently organized by neighborhood or cuisine type. With just a few clicks you can get the skinny on best nosh spots in neighborhoods all over the 5 boroughs.

I’ll be beefing up the Harlem section every first and third Thursday of the month, so stop by to check out where to eat (and where to skip) in Harlem without breaking the bank.  Next Post goes up on Thursday, Oct 18th–don’t miss great photos and commentary about a great casual dinner place to grab a quick bite, hang with friends, or watch the Presidential Debates.

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