Dish by Dish: Yo In Yo Out Brunch

Yo In Yo Out

Whether you want BYOB (or wine) table service or a comfy place to sip your latte while you write your latest restaurant review, Yo In Yo Out has a very chill vibe with excellent food. When Yo In Yo Out first opened years ago I was nervous it wouldn’t survive for long. Way ahead of its own neighborhood’s time, Yo In Yo Out offered a totally different dining experience long before it occurred to anyone on the East Side above 96th St.  Offering one of Spanish Harlem’s first incarnation of a coffee shop and French Bistro combined, it was beyond ballsy to plop down on an almost barren stretch of Lexington across from an extremely sketchy bus depot (sorry MTA, but you know super sketch things happen on that block).  Though Yo In Yo Out has built a reputation off of their baked goods (as in, get there before 2pm if you want a prayer of tasting a croissant), they are equally deserving of praise for their brunch and dinner offerings.  The Owner and Executive Chef, Yoanne Magris, was an accomplished woman before an almost successful and dramatic appearance on Chopped (Food Network), and her menu offerings prove it.  We went for Brunch (because we always go for Brunch) and after a brief wait (there is normally a wait on Sundays) we were seated in our usual spot, along the right wall, and ordered up our coffee while we perused the all too familiar menu.

L'Omelette Campagnarde at Yo In Yo Out

L’Omelette Campagnarde: Keith ordered the L’Omelette Campagnarde, a plate that included an omelet and an organic salad separated by a mountain of home fries that not even Keith could finish.  The omelet was stuffed with crispy melt in your mouth bacon smothered in sweet caramelized onions and creamy fontina cheese and Keith was very happy with how all of the flavors melted together, but had very different textures.

La Complète Crepe at Yo In Yo Out

La Complète Crepe: I ordered the La Complète Crepe with added spinach, which only made this package stuffed with smoked ham, gruyère cheese and topped with a sunny side up egg and drizzled with a balsamic reduction even more tasty.  Chewy, eggy, tender, and crisp, these crepes are perfect complement to either a sweet or savory filling, I wish I could have followed my brunch crepe with a nutella filled one, but there was no room for it.
The only thing lacking was the service—which, when Chef Yo’s sister is running the front of the house, never suffers. Our waitress was sweet and accommodating (she was kind enough to ask Chef Yo if I could take a photo of her), but a bit careless with execution.  She delivered me a mug of coffee ¾ full, and was not super attentive once our food arrived, or at turning tables over once their occupants were done eating.  Lucky for our waitress, Chef Yo runs such a tight kitchen that they made up in speed and flavor what our waitress lacked in execution technique.

Chef Yoanne Magris

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