Harlem Arts Festival 2013

The Kersten Stevens ExperienceOver this past weekend Marcus Garvey Park (in Central South Harlem) was transformed for the second year in a row into The Harlem Arts Festival. Packed with food trucks (YES!! Bring those food trucks Uptown!), and artists of the visual, dance, and musical persuasions, Keith and I saw adults and kids having a great time all over the park. The Event Staff was attentive and available throughout, and if this year’s great turnout is indicative of future successes, the Harlem Arts Festival is going to be an event to look forward to each summer.

Watching The Kersten Stevens ExperienceThe Crowd watching the amazing violin skills of The Kersten Stevens Experience

Kersen Stevens and her bass playerKersten Stevens and her Bass Player

The Harlem Arts Festival Gallery WalkThe Harlem Arts Festival Gallery Walk

The Gallery WalkGallery Walk

Gallery Walk

Fishing Shrimp Food TruckThe Fishing Shrimp Food Truck (@fishingshrimp) from Brooklyn

Snap Hot Dog StandSnap Hot Dog Artists at Work

#Harlem Veggie Dog from @SnapTruckSnap Harlem #Veggie Dog (don’t worry gluten free friends, I only got the bun for presentation purposes)

Copenhagen Dog From @SnapTruckCopenhagen Dog from Snap Hot Dogs

Brooklyn Organic Coffee & Tea TruckBrooklyn Organic Coffee & Tea Truck

100% Organic Fresh Raspberry Lemonade 100% Organic Fresh Raspberry Lemonade From Brooklyn Organic Coffee & Tea Truck

@PhilsSteak TruckPhil’s Steak Truck

The Special Steak from @Philssteak The Special Steak from Phil’s Steak Truck

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Liz says:

    Thanks for coming by to visit us at Snap! Glad you liked the dogs (though psst, that’s a Danish-style Copenhagen Dog you got there, not a Chicago Dog)

    1. Oh no! Right letter wrong city! All fixed now. Either way, Keith thought it was delicious. And thanks for coming up to Harlem. Our food truck love is few & far between, so we hope to see you again!

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