About Me

About Me:

I cook, eat, and live in Central Harlem, NYC with my soul mate, best friend, and someday husband Keith, and our chubby delight of a Arionna & Keithcat named Spooks. Because I have a professional life that has little to offer by way of culinary imagination and exciting taste sensations, I do my best to create, seek out, and experience both in my (tiny) kitchen and in the dining rooms across Harlem.

In May 2013 I started to eat Gluten Free.  Read all about my crazy illness and what led me to cutting wheat out of my diet in the My (Newly) Gluten Free Life post.


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  1. Van says:

    For many now the past and traditions have little meaning. What? That old stuff? Oh please! How often have I heard some members of the younger generation utter these phases in horror! But there is a group of us who cherish the past (but are not stuck in it) and the traditions that come along with it. Your blog is splendid! It not only pays tribute to your dear grandmother but also to those of us who feel the same way. I will enjoy following your blog. And please include some more of those wonderful memories.

  2. boomer says:

    My name is Boomer Clifford. I love NYC, I am from NYC. Unfortunelly my wife dragged me away from NYC to “the Burbs” 2 years ago and I have not had a decent meal since
    Where I’m now forced to live, is the home of the strip mall, Crap food like Chili’s, and the cheesecake factory, and oh, did I mention lousy diners,
    I am in the need for some soul fixing in Harlem, The greasier the better, (Mac & cheese, fried chicken and Greens, where to go?
    Please help this hungry fat man right away

    X/0 Boomer

  3. nurserob says:

    As a nursing student I have learned the importance of healthy eatting. Not just whole grain and lot of vegetable, but clean organic foods without the pesticides. I am a food lover that enjoys learning and teaching others the importance of healthy living. I am originally from Albany NY and currently live in a small town in Ohio with my wife and 2 boys, which one is special needs. I know I will enjoy following you and learning what great foods are served in NYC.

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