Harlem’s First Pop-Uptown Nighttime Greenmarket

Pop-Uptown Green Market Sign

But it was so much more than that! 5 & Diamond had empanadas and wings, Lido had veal meatballs, chocolate budino, and white sangria, Harlem Tavern had shrimp gumbo and a short rib sandwich.  There was also a pumpkin Patch for the kids, multiple farm vendors with all kinds of Fall vegetables, and live music.  Last night’s Pop-Uptown Nighttime Farmers Market was the first very successful step in what I hope will be a new tradition of bringing fresh, local, and (sometimes) organic produce to working families in Harlem.  Being someone who often ends up stuck at the office way later than the Farmers are at any Manhattan market, I love the idea of getting to shop at the Market close to home after work, without having to rush.

farm standThe Greenmarket ran from 4pm to 9pm, and even though I got there a little after 7pm, 5&D’s empanadas were sold out (if you have ever had a 5&D empanadas you know that this is a travesty of epic proportions), and if I hadn’t gotten to Lido’s stand when I did, I would not have gotten a meatball (very cleverly served on a wooden skewer). The Pop-Up Market was packed, the food flying out of the stands, and children were either playing in the pumpkin patch or dancing to the live music that echoed across the neighborhood inviting everyone to stop by.  Even though we are heading into a colder season I would venture to say that Grow NYC would see every nighttime Greenmarket turn into a success. I know I’ll be there, so when is the next one?

5 & Diamond's Food Stand

Veal Meatball from LidoPumpkin PatchPumpkins  squash on FDBFarm Stand on FDBSupport Local Family Farms Here

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